Would you eat lunch in a public bathroom?

Chances are you answered that with “Absolutely not – gross!” – but just how many times have you casually eaten take-out while commuting to work or when stuck in traffic?

Well, studies have shown that our steering wheel, dashboard and cupholders, are all 9 TIMES DIRTIER than a public toilet – yes, you read that correctly!

We regularly clean our homes, but how often do you properly clean the inside of your car?

Research has shown that the inside of your vehicle has 17,000 times more bacteria than our homes – Yuck!

On average we spend at least 1 ½ hours a day in our cars and we know life gets busy, so sometimes catching a bite to eat or something to drink on the road seems like no big deal, right?

Well, those cupholders, steering wheels and your dashboard are way dirtier than you think – In fact, your cupholder alone has 228% more bacteria than the average toilet seat!

Furthermore, how many times along your commute do you change the radio station, touch your face, bite your fingernails, fix your hair, pick your nose… we see you!

Without regularly cleaning the inside of your vehicle, you are continuously transferring hundreds of unwanted germs, bacteria, mould, viruses, etc., from your car surfaces onto your hands and face!

And you wonder why you are always sneezing, coughing, or where that funny rash came from? Well now you know!

So, what do you do? reach for one of those handy dandy disinfectant wipes? I mean, they kill 99.9%* of bacteria, don’t they? Guess again!

What that * really means: Might kill up to 99.9% of specific types of germs/microbes listed in the fine print – usually only 2-3 types (although studies have shown most products to actually only kill 40% to 60% of those listed germs – even in excellent lab conditions!).

So, what’s the solution? Steamworxs!

Our dry vapour steam technology ACTUALLY kills up to 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, viruses, moulds, dust mites and other unwanted critters within 5 seconds of contact! No harmful chemicals needed and we use only a fraction of the water needed for a normal car detailing!

Go Green and Maintain The Dream!