Maintain the Dream

STEAMWORXS® was founded in 2013 and like most startups, it was born out of a dream – a dream to create an innovative service that not only adds value to the lives of the people it serves, but also to the environment itself as well.

We’ve dedicated years to research and development on our journey from dream to reality – to be certain that every product used, every method and technology adopted was eco-friendly and left as minimal a footprint as possible.

At STEAMWORXS® we know that you take pride in the vehicle you drive, and that’s why you chose us!

In The Bahamas, road conditions, pollutants, debris and the salt in the air can be incredibly harsh on your vehicle – with the help of STEAMWORXS® preventative maintenance through regular detailing we can extend the life of your paint job, and also keep the inside of your car looking and smelling great – sanitizing and deodorizing at the same time! So, not only are you helping to maintain that “new car shine”, but by entrusting STEAMWORXS® with your vehicle, you are also actively protecting your investment!

Our mission and values are simple yet important: it is our aim to maintain our ideals, to maintain our environment and to help our clients and customers maintain the dream™.