How much water is needed per car wash?

Only 1 gallon of water! Traditional car washing methods use between 18 to 140 gallons PER VEHICLE! Water conservation is the name of the game with STEAMWORXS®!

What is the difference between my household steam cleaner and the steam cleaning that you offer?

What it really comes down to with steam cleaning, the real nitty-gritty, is that you get what you pay for. High-quality steam cleaners are referred to as “dry vapour steam cleaners” and produce unmatched cleaning power, compared to your average lower-powered “steam cleaner” designed for everyday, at home use.

Very few household steam cleaners are manufactured to get up to the necessary temperature to create dry vapour, and furthermore don’t tend to have the continuous spray ability, causing a lot of stop and start during your cleaning routine and overall provides a less powerful clean.

Our machines easily and quickly heat up to temperatures between 212°F to 310°F which converts the water into a low-pressure, low-moisture water vapour, with as little as 4-6% water in our “steam”. Because of this, the pressurized steam we use kills a variety of nasty critters (germs, bacteria, mould, viruses, dust mites, etc.) and blast away tough stains, grease and dirt within seconds of contact!

Why is steam cleaning so popular around the world?

The top two reasons why steam cleaning is so popular? It gives you the deepest clean, while using minimal water and zero chemicals – a clean that leaves your vehicle, boat or plane looking brand new with the most minimal environmental impact possible! In essence, the benefits to steam cleaning are vast. Steam cleaning, or dry vapour cleaning, is growing in popularity worldwide as the preferred ecological cleaning method. Not only does steam cleaning kill 99.9% of ALL germs, bacteria, dust, mites, viruses, moulds and spores, but it deodorizes while it sanitizes as well!


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