STEAMWORXS on-site opportunities

If you are a commercial business or private residential community looking to provide greater value and a quality service to your customers or residents, while also creating a new revenue stream for your organization, then maybe we can “partner up”. Give us a call to set up a free consultation meeting to see if the STEAMWORXS® On-Site plan is right for you!

Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to our Community

  • Part of what drives us here at STEAMWORXS® is the possibility to make a positive impact on our environment and our community. If you know of an organization that has vehicles that could benefit greatly from a STEAMWORXS® clean, let us know!
  • We are currently looking to give back to the community by offering our services several times a year for FREE to select non-profits and NGOs that would benefit from our unique kind of clean!
  • As part of our corporate social responsibility, we want to put our best foot forward in helping The Bahamas put its best “green foot” forward!


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Contact Us