STEAMWORXS and the Environment

STEAMWORXS® and the Environment

  • When you choose to detail your car with STEAMWORXS®, not only are you making the right choice to protect the value of your car, but you are also making the right choice for your personal health, the health of your loved ones and passengers, and the overall health of the Earth!
  • By using steam to clean your vehicle, we are moving forward with our business model that puts our corporate social responsibility first! By using Steam instead of harsh chemicals and excessive amounts of water, we are staying true to our core values and helping to move towards a brighter, greener future for The Bahamas
  • Steam cleaning uses minimal water, has no harmful wastewater runoff, and uses no harsh chemicals, which also helps to reduce harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from being released into the air we breathe!
  • This means for every 100 vehicles cleaned by STEAMWORXS®, we are only using 100 gallons of water, compared to roughly 1,800 gallons used for a traditional car wash and up to 14,000 gallons for an at home car wash – and that’s not including the harmful wastewater runoff, or harsh chemicals used for these methods that can seep into our soil and contaminate our water table!
  • Now that’s some serious water conservation!
  • By reducing the amount of water we use to clean your vehicle, not only are we conserving extreme amounts of our most precious resource, but we are also ensuring that there is no harmful wastewater runoff, which can lead to soaps, oils, harsh chemicals, brake dust and other pollutants running off into our streams, lakes, our critical mangrove wetlands and ocean!
  • Furthermore, we are reducing the amount of toxic chemicals that are released back into the environment through wastewater runoff and VOCs by using only steam to clean your vehicle, which helps to not only keep our Earth green and our water safe, but also helps to protect the air we breathe!
  • Going green will not only have your car smelling, looking and feeling brand new, but it will also put you at the forefront of the global movement for a brighter future!
  • Go Green with STEAMWORXS® – Maintain the Dream!